So I’ve always carried an Epipen in my pocket since I can remember.  I’ve never actually used it, but I did get to try an expired one on an apple once, which at the time was really exciting.  However, after actually seeing the thing in action, feeling the jolt of the needle as it plunged effortlessly into the overripe apple eventually led to me being terrified of the whole system.  I was adamant that if I were to have an anaphylactic reaction, I would find anyway to avoid using it.

I’ve wondered if there are alternatives to the Epipen.  From what I have found on the internet, there aren’t too many.  Apparently there was an attempt a few years ago to create an oral epinephrine delivery system, but articles in regards to that stop appearing from 2007 onwards.

See article:

It seems epinephrine injectors have stayed basically the same since their development from the Combopen.  So my dreams of carrying an epinephrine delivery system that doesn’t involve stabbing my leg will have to wait longer.

Anywho, here’s a video of an older version Epipen in action. Newer models have a sheath that releases along with the needle, that covers it and lowers the chance of injury post injection.